Friday, January 25, 2013

foodie friday - i love donuts.

My love affair with donuts has always been out in the open. Nashville has spoiled me with Fox's Donut Den (where coincidentally I just was last night with a friend), but I had no idea what was in store for me at a little place called Peace, Love, and Little Donuts when I stumbled upon it earlier this week.

Pure heaven, that's what. It's in the Arcade off of 4th downtown, and I am in love. Apparently they have a few other locations around the country, but it was a whole new world of donut goodness for me.

I ended up getting the Tree Hugger donut and a chocolate pretzel donut. The friend I was with got a Maple Bacon and an M&M donut. They were all delicious. I was nervous about bacon on a donut, but whoa, it blew my mind. My sweet tooth was verrrrry happy, needless to say.

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