Wednesday, January 16, 2013

tiny blessings.

It was an incredibly good Wednesday. Normally, Wednesdays kind of get on my nerves. You're halfway through the week and you're tired and just wanting it to be Friday. But today was good in so many unexpected ways.
I've started volunteering at Sophia's Heart on Monday and Wednesday mornings, which means waking up early but also getting to cuddle sweet babies. Sophia's Heart is an organization that is in both Milwaukee and Nashville. The Nashville branch serves as a homeless shelter for single women and families and offers a transitional housing program as well as different classes to help prepare the residents for life after they leave the shelter. My favorite thing about it is that there are so many adorable kids who are living here. And I get to go play with them and watch movies and color twice a week!

These sweet sisters were the only ones today, and we watched The Little Mermaid and played with my phone camera. 

She loves taking selfies. 

After hanging out with these cuties for a few hours, I went home and got to take a short nap before heading to work. I love naps. It turns out that the 11 year old I nanny (we'll call him A) was going to be at a friend's house until 6, so I spent the afternoon at their home chopping vegetables, doing laundry, ironing, and taking down Christmas decorations. I never used to like doing any of these things before this year, but something about being able to zone out and just complete repetitive tasks is so relaxing. I was in such a good mood when I went to pick A up. On the way home, he was singing along to the radio, which always melts my heart a little. One of my favorite things about him is that he knows all the words to every rap that comes on...we're kindred spirits that way. 

I headed home shortly after and decided I needed a run. I hadn't been running at all since being home for Christmas, and it felt so good! And now I'm cuddled up in bed about to read for a bit. I got a chance to visit the library on the way home and picked up a few new books and some that I've read before but wanted to read again. So pumped.  

"A heart at peace gives life to the body."
- Proverbs 14:30

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